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Earl Okin's career as an entertainer dates back to his first television appearance on the BBC in 1959 when he was twelve years old. A member of the swinging London scene of the 1960's, Earl made his first single for EMI at Abbey Road Studios, 1967, culminating in his being chosen by Paul McCartney to be the opening act for his "Wings" tour.

Earl has performed all over the world either as a jazz singer/songwriter or musical-comedian, or both. In New York, for example, his engagements have ranged from Caroline's Comedy Club to jazz clubs such as the Iridium. He can count as fans such jazz luminaries as Benny Carter, Milt Hinton, and Tommy Flanagan.

Earl regularly performs his ever-growing repertoire of original Bossa Nova music at venues in Brazil entirely in Portuguese. Performing his unusual mix of humorous songs and hot jazz, Earl has charmed people all over the world with his "trumpet" without a trumpet improvisations; and has often been invited to perform at functions given by England's Royal family.

Some selections from his upcoming Juniper Records CD release can be heard as MP3's available on this page.