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The World of Doug White
// Doug White



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Release date: March, 2002

Featuring: Neal Miner, Chris Bergson and Joe Strasser

Excerpt from liner notes:
The World of Doug White is one where the attempt to create compelling and personal music vies with an earnest desire not to take itself too seriously. There is always room for real emotion in his world however, and the music is never "smug" or "glib". He grew up admiring and studying early 20th century jazz artists whose sole ambition was to create their own unique and identifiable sounds. His mostly "home-grown" technique, (aided and abetted by mentors including the late Warne Marsh and Joe Puma), will probably assure his exclusion from the ranks of the ever-accumulating "Flavor of the Month" list.

White feels that a good musical effort should resemble a good chess move in which more than one agenda is furthered in one stroke. This is the core concept behind the Juniper Records label, which enables him to advance the causes of his hand picked group of colleagues along with his own. White is currently planning a "JATAP" style show that will feature the various Juniper Records artists in various combinations performing music from their albums, which will underscore this idea.

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Dave Nathan - All Music Guide
...his trademark is that flowing, lyrical sound he gets from the big horn. more...

Song List

  1. Esplanade ‘99
    Doug White
  2. Deep In A Dream
    Jimmy Van Heusen
  3. Goin’ Dutch
    Doug White
  4. Passepied ( based on themes from Debussy's Suite Bergmasque )
    Doug White
  5. Don’t The Moon
    Look Lonesome?
    Doug White
  6. Before Dawn
    Doug White
  7. Proot Sungs
    Doug White
  8. Lady Butterfly
    Coleman Hawkins
  9. East Coast Blues
    Doug White
  10. Hardee’s Party
    John Hardee
  11. Lonely Town
    Leonard Bernstein
    Lyric: Comden/Green
  12. Miranda
    Doug White
  13. Packing Up
    Doug White