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Frank Rubolino- Cadence

Review of Neal Miner's The Real Neal

There is a happy blending of instruments on the bass-led recording of Miner on [The Real Neal]. The blues and ballads all receive a generous heaping of good-time playing as Miner and his trio/quartet romp through original and standard material. Miner's sound is upfront and dominant as a leader on this session. The program features the bluesy rhythm guitar playing of Bergson throughout, while White joins the lively debate to make it a quartet on six cuts. Miner develops a fat sound, dishing out large gulps of melody and rhythm as a player in the forefront on most selections. He and his group color within the lines, but the music has the necessary vitality to keep it interesting. Wile Miner is very busy setting the active pace, Bergson and White play off each other with neatly executed, gleeful phrases.

Although the musicians are not intent on exploring new ground, the ground they cover does project a lively, lighthearted ambiance that precludes the music from being trapped in retrospection. Bergson is particularly adept at spitting out spiraling rounds of rapid guitar fire while Miner keeps pace in galloping fashion. The guitar tone is crystal clear, making the comparison to the deep bass voice of Miner more emphatic. White's entry adds a rousing element, and drummer Strasser is steady as the pulse generator. The six original compositions by Miner and/or White add a further element of freshness, but it is the bold bass execution of Miner that dominates the soundscape. He uses a well-known recipe but still manages to stimulate the taste buds.

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The Real Neal

Greg Olwell - Bass Player Magazine
...Neal lets his full-bodied acoustic tone shine throughout. more...

Ray Brown
A very good CD, I enjoyed his playing.

Jim Santella - All About Jazz
A lyrical bassist, Miner blends a rich tone and seamless phrasing into his interpretations. more...

Frank Rubolino - Cadence
Miner delivers a fat sound with great gobs of melody...generous portions of "goodtime" playing.. more...