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The People Are The Dues
// Turk Wilder




Release date: February, 2008

Featuring: Turk Wilder: all vocals, acoustic & electric guitar
The Turkeys Gone Wild:
Chris Casey: piano
Tony DeLello: acoustic & electric guitar
Richard Downs: bass & electric guitar
Tido Holtkamp: drums
with special guests: Jeff Pevar: lap steel & electric guitar and Doug Kupper: electric guitar

© 2008 Turk Wilder/Doug White Music Company ASCAP

Excerpt from notes:
The selections included in this compact disc, with the exception of one, are composed by Turk Wilder and performed by him and his able cohorts known as The Turkeys Gone Wild. We present this, although possibly against our better judgment, as we have become associated with Mr. Wilder by somewhat dubious means.

In order not to mislead the public, we must admit that we first encountered Mr. Wilder at an all night poker game which, during the later stages of play, we acquiesced to allow him, after exhausting his available funds, to see a bet with a number of his compositions, which we were allowed to own in perpetuity. We have only had contact with him a few times since that evening. The only way we are able to entice him to join us at our house is to assure him an ample supply of small batch Kentucky whiskey, which he has never failed to exhaust while wearing out the grooves on our collection of Tennessee Ernie Ford and Jimmy Driftwood record albums.He has deprived us of a reasonable night’s sleep on each of these occasions.

He is abetted in these recordings by a band of top flight musicians whom we can only wonder how he was able to persuade to participate in performing with him. We hope that we have succeeded in presenting a varied program of Wilder’s songs, which range from the cynical to the sentimental. The only selection that was not composed by the Turk is the classic Johnny Horton tune, “Honky Tonk Man.” Therefore, it is in the spirit of drained glasses and bared souls that we at Juniper Records humbly present this collection of songs by Turk Wilder and His Turkeys Gone Wild.





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