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Live at Tapeworks/ Doug White

2014 // JUN200

Performing jazz and blues for people of all ages, The Doug White Quintet brings their show into the studio for a live recording of some of their most popular material.
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The People Are The Dues / Turk WIlder

2008 // JUN201
Featuring: Chris Casey, Tony DeLello, Richard Downs, Tido Holtkamp, Doug Kupper, Jeff Pevar

The selections included in this compact disc, with the exception of one, are composed by Turk Wilder and performed by him and his able cohorts known as The Turkeys Gone Wild. We present this, although possibly against our better judgment, as we have become associated with Mr. Wilder by somewhat dubious means… it is in the spirit of drained glasses and bared souls that we at Juniper Records humbly present this collection of songs by Turk Wilder and His Turkeys Gone Wild.
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The World of Doug White / Doug White

2002 // JUN108
: Chris Bergson, Neal Miner and Joe Strasser.

White plays and sings for you, featuring some of his best loved hits such as: "East Coast Blues", "Packing Up", "Going Dutch", "Miranda", and features Juniper "All Stars", Bergson, Miner and Strasser. more >>


Introducing Sasha Dobson / Sasha Dobson

2004 // JUN109
: Doug White, John Merrill, and Kenji Rabson

It gives me great pleasure to present the recording debut of Sasha Dobson. Her naturally appealing vocal quality, wonderful jazz phrasing, and appreciation of good material make her a truly special singer and a fine jazz improviser as well. more >>


The Real Neal / Neal Miner

2001 // JUN106
: Chris Bergson, Joe Strasser and Doug White

A debut as leader for bassist, Neal Miner that will surely be considered a "classic" in it's own time. Featuring Chris Bergson, Doug White and drummer Joe Strasser and includes hits such as: "Night Owls", "Spiffy", and Neal's already famous interpretation of "Autumn Nocturne." more >>


Cool for Kids - Annie Ross

2001 // JUN105
Mike Kanan and the Doug White Quartet

Annie Ross in a program of Jazz and Scottish Lullabies fit for "cool" kids of all ages. "Coolamundo"-Ira Gitler, "May even be too good for kids"-Soupy Sales. Featuring pianist, Mike Kanan. more >>


Juniper Sampler - Various Artists

1999 // JUN104

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Featuring: Chris Bergson, Neal Miner Annie Ross, Doug White and Earl Okin.



Esplanade - Doug White

1997 // JUN103
Featuring: Chris Bergson, Neal Miner and Joe Strasser.

The signature collection from White's 1996-1997 sessions featuring debut work by Chris Bergson and the drums of Greg Bandy. Recommended by Cadence Magazine. more >>


Blues for Some Friends of Mine - Chris Bergson

1997 // JUN102
Featuring: Dwayne Burno, Greg Bandy, Neal Miner, Joe Strasser and Doug White

The acclaimed debut recording of guitarist Chris Bergson, featuring premier bassist Dwayne Burno. Recommended by Cadence Magazine. more >>