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Esplanade // Doug White

Release date: December, 1997

Featuring: Greg Bandy, Chris Bergson, Neal Miner and Joe Strasser

I will always treasure those rare
days near the end of
the twentieth century,
when my beautiful son took his first steps
along the esplanade,
as Nascency and
Nostalgia sat
on a bench,
smiling and nodding
in silent approval.

-Doug White




MP3 Samples


Larry Hollis - Cadence
There’s nothing old fashioned sounding on this platter packed with fresh ideas and skillful musicianship. more

Dave Nathan - All Music Guide
...his tenor has a unique, deep-bodied tone to it, recalling somewhat early Ben Webster. more


Song List

  1. Theme from Brahms’ 3rd Symphony
    Doug White
  2. Bandyville
    Doug White
  3. Time on My Hands
    Vincent Youmans (arr. White)
  4. Gloria’s Step
    Scott La Faro
  5. Esplanade
    Doug White
  6. Three Wishes
    Doug White
  7. Nutsy
    Doug White
  8. Body and Soul
    Johnny Green
  9. Sleeping Beauty
    Chris Bergson
  10. So Long, Twentieth Century
    Doug White
  11. Translation
    Lucky Thompson