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Live at Tapeworks
// Doug White


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Release date: August 2014

Excerpt from liner notes:
Performing jazz and blues for people of all ages, The Doug White Quintet brings their show into the studio for a live recording of some of their most popular material.

Of this new CD, Doug White writes: I am so pleased to present a “live in the studio” recording of this wonderful group. We do our best to entertain our audiences, who consist of people of all ages and tastes in music, in venues ranging from jazz clubs to cultural centers and town greens and country wineries, sometimes with poets and dance troupes. We thank all of you who have received us with such warmth and enthusiasm, and look forward to sharing the “good vibes” with more of you in the future.
Despite the eponymous name of the group, this band is anything but, “Doug with accompanists.” The contribution of each member is vital to the proceedings, and I feel that the combination of their talents is what makes the group special. Chris Casey is one of the finest keyboard men active today, a noted educator and arranger, acclaimed for his work with the Jackie McLean Orchestra, and his fine trio. Although the limitation of space on the CD prevented our including it this time, no ”DWQ” performance would be complete without his piano trio selections, often consisting of his memorable compositions. His brother, Pat, as well as being a terrific horn man, is a talented arranger and all around “musical troubleshooter,” perhaps best known for his work with Kathy Thompsons’ great funk group. We have never been the same since Steve Porter joined us; while he is highly regarded for his indispensable contributions to jazz organizations such as Winard Harper’s among many others, I dig the feeling he brings to our group that comes out of his roots in the gospel world. Tido Holtkamp is the quintessential journeyman percussionist, always in demand as a sideman, as well as being a leader in his own right of more than one swinging band. We would also like to thank Bill Ahearn, our faithful engineer, whose good ear and good taste make him the sixth member of our quintet.


"....one of the best new releases I've ever had the pleasure of listening to". --Bill Denert, Jr. ("Bill D." Evening Jazz WESU)