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Blues for Some Friends of Mine
// Chris Bergson

Release date: December, 1997

Featuring: Dwayne Burno, Greg Bandy, Neal Miner, Joe Strasser and Doug White

Song List

  1. Blues For Some Friends of Mine
    Chris Bergson
  2. You Checked Out
    Chris Bergson
  3. Guod Etihw (Goo-odd Ee-tee-yoo)
    Chris Bergson
  4. Sad Strains of a Gay Waltz
    (from a poem by Wallace Stevens)
    Chris Bergson
  5. Oblivion
    Bud Powell
  6. Pannonica
    Thelonius Monk
  7. Alone in Central Park
    Chris Bergson
  8. Mom
    Chris Bergson
  9. Upper Manhattan Medical Group
    Billy Strayhorn
  10. We’ll Be Together Again
    Claire Fischer
  11. Triste
    Antonio Carlos Jobim

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20th Century Guitar
...it does not dissappoint. With his first release Begson proves himself ready for the big time.

Jim Santella - Cadence
The guitarist has a lyrical approach and clear articulation, which he employs on this session to create a mood of sadness and melancholy. more..

Dave Nathan - All Music Guide
Bergson might be called a thinking person's guitarist. Not flashy, but determined to create profound improvisational patterns on the stringed instrument more..