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New Release
Doug White - Live at the Tapeworks

Performing jazz and blues for people of all ages, The Doug White Quintet brings their show into the studio for a live recording of some of their most popular material.



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Welcome to our new site! We hope you enjoy the new format. Be sure to check out our new "the music" section to download MP3's of otherwise unavailable tracks. I would like to thank everybody, and especially those thoughtful reviewers, who have let us know how much they have enjoyed the CDs. The conventional wisdom in the industry is to amass as large a catalogue as possible, yet it appears as if our striving to produce "quality not quantity" is working for us and our growing audience. We hope that you will agree!

Doug White


Williamsburg Music Center-March 2015


"Ashford and Simpson's Sugar Bar" May, 2013

The Doug White Quintet featuring CHRIS CASEY– piano KEVIN KLEPACKI – trombone STEVE PORTER – bass TIDO HOLTKAMP – drums